Does price determine which bourbon is a best buy?

Does price determine which bourbon is a best buy?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Kentucky's bourbon boom means more distilleries and more choices than ever. But do you have to spend a lot to get high quality?

We put five bourbons with five different prices to the test with the help of five volunteers. While the volunteers may not be experts, they knew what they liked.

At Bourbons Bistro the selection includes nearly 150 different bourbons, ranging in price from a little over $10 a bottle to over a $100. But everyone from the experts to the average taste tester will tell you don't have to get lower quality at the lower price point.

On deck at our testing we had an $11 bottle of Ancient Age, just under $20 Old Forester, around $20 Jim Beam Black, closer to $30 Henry McKenna 10-year-old and our budget buster that you can usually find in stores - Rock Hill Farms, costing between $50 to $60.

Bourbons Bistro owner Jason Brauner gave the group some pointers before the tasting began.

"You wanna look at the color, you look at the nose, you're gonna do the taste and you're gonna wait for the finish so that's the four things you're gonna look for," he said.