Celebrating 10 Years

On April 26th, 2005, Bourbons Bistro opened its doors. Jason Brauner and John Morrison were on to something very special...since Bourbons Bistro opened its doors, the Bourbon industry has seen major growth. 

  • More than 15,400 people owe their paychecks to the Bourbon industry, compared to 8,690 in 2012, a 77 percent increase.
  • The number of licensed distilling companies has tripled – from 10 to 31 in two years. That’s the most distilleries in Kentucky since the repeal of Prohibition.
  • Barrel inventories are at their highest levels in 40 years, with more than 5.3 million aging currently in Kentucky. Production levels are up 53 percent in the last two years and 150 percent in the last 15 years.
Anne HarlowComment